I could tell the difference in him within three days.

I must tell you that I was so impressed with the success Hunter had with the Hooked on Phonics program, I invested in “Master Reader” as well as “Hooked on Math.”

As a teacher myself, I know the importance of mastering letter sounds early in the kindergarten arena. When I realized it was May and my son was still having trouble sounding out words because he was not sure what sound the letters made, I began to panic. I realized the “whole word approach” was not working for him. I happened to mention this to a friend, who is a reading specialist, and she suggested Hooked on Phonics. I could tell the difference in him within three days. I was talking to his dad and I spelled out a word and [Hunter] said, “I know what you spelled. I sounded it out.” I knew then this was the program for him.

Mary Ellen Oxendine, teacher and mother of Hunter

We are blown away by the Hooked on Phonics® program.

My son Christopher had recently turned four, and we were reading a book together. I had been working on letter sounds with him, but I was surprised when he sounded out the word “pop” to me on his own without my encouragement. I could tell that he could put some sounds together, and I was wondering what to do with him. I wasn’t expecting him to begin reading at such an early age. I researched the Hooked on Phonics program and decided to give it a try.

My son took to the program in a hurry. He was so excited about getting stars on his charts. The program was sequenced beautifully to the point that he rarely struggled through the process. I wanted to stay within the Hooked on Phonics guidelines on how often to work on reading, but he kept asking me to read. A 10-minute session would turn into a 30- or 40-minute session because he wanted to get more stars and read more stories. I was shocked at how fast he was picking things up, and he finished the entire series in nine months. That’s right—he hadn’t turned five yet, and he was reading at a second-grade level! Through the process it was so exciting for him to be able to read street signs as we were driving and recognize words on the television (but a little embarrassing for my wife when he would read ‘Tampax’ really loud in the grocery store).

We enrolled him in a Montessori preschool afterwards and everyone was shocked that he was a fluent reader at four with no schooling. As a result, he loved school and learned a great deal…. He reads for fun all of the time (thankfully in the car as well), and he won’t go to sleep without reading a couple of books on his own. He is now six, enrolled in kindergarten, and he is doing all of the first-grade work in his K/1 combo class. While other kids are struggling to put three-letter words together, Christopher is reading to the class with fluency and inflection….

My wife and I are both teachers, and we both believe that the key ingredient to learning is having information taught in the correct sequence. Underlining the new words as they are first learned and taking the lines away in future pages was great. The way the phonemes were introduced with all of the short vowel words being taught first and waiting until the third set to teach the long vowels was a great idea. We have looked at many phonics-based reading programs and the biggest difference with Hooked on Phonics is the sequence, the entertaining reading material, and the reward system through the star chart.

We are blown away by the Hooked on Phonics program, and we would be happy to share our stories with you.

Dean McElroy, teacher and father of Christopher, age 6

Our experience with Hooked on Phonics has been so life changing.

Our experience with Hooked on Phonics has been so life changing that it warrants telling someone.

My first-grader, Biz (Elizabeth Ann), was a student at a small private school last year for kindergarten. She was deemed very bright and a joy to have in class by her teacher. However, at the end of the year she was unable to identify most of her letters and almost no sounds.

We were obviously shocked and did not know what to do. I began researching other schools in the area and having her evaluated just to be certain it wasn’t a developmental issue…. We ultimately decided to homeschool her for first grade to give her the extra attention we felt she needed. We began researching curricula to use in teaching her to read.

We looked at many pricey systems recommended by various reading specialists and purchased several. I began studying the complex methods I would have to teach. Around this time (thankfully) my bubbly, dimpled little girl was watching TV and she saw a Hooked on Phonics ad. She lit up and said “Mommy, that’s it — the thing on TV — come look!”

How could we say no?

She is now reading, and she believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is because of [Hooked on Phonics]. She loves her books and revels in the “big girl chapter books.” It is great to see her grin and giggle as she reads….

We were going to have her tested again this summer by a reading specialist at Kluge Children’s Hospital, but we are canceling the appointment. She doesn’t need it.

The Hooked on Phonics process is logical, sequential, and rewarding for both teacher and student. It is flawlessly put together…. It allows customization for each child while teaching a thorough phonics program. I did the research and I am glad we went with Hooked on Phonics.

Thank you.

Valerie, mother of Elizabeth Ann
Your products are incredible tools.

I wanted to tell you that I have used Hooked on Phonics to help two of my children learn to read. It is an excellent program! My six-year-old is now using your “Master Reader” program and loves it. It is really helping her decode larger words and take her reading skills to the next level. I have recommended your programs to many friends. As a teacher, I see that your products are incredible tools to build reading skills. I would love to share my success story with others because I truly believe in your products. I am looking forward to using your program again with my three-year-old.

Margaret Gallipeau, teacher and mother of two

Children Testimonials:

I read a book every night before I went to bed.
Thomas, age 5

I didn’t think I was going to be able to read. But now I can. I can read lots of words.
Max, age 5

Reading the Hooked on Phonics books made me feel happy inside, and I wanted to tell my mom.
Brianna, age 7

*The results described above are not typical.

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